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Posted on: 2018/1/21 21:29
Just popping in
Joined: 2003/1/23
From: Peterborough
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Runner's Life team runs in University meet
We would first like to Thank Dave and Runner's Life for the Sponsorship of our new team. This team emcompases athletes from Peterborough to Lindsay in highschool and college. This weekend we participated in a AO allcomers meet against both university and veterans of the sport. It was an amazing experience as we witnessed National Calibre athletes and Olympians.

It was a great event and much was learned. One unfortunate error was that lap counters went a bit too quick forcing one of our top athletes to take off a lap too early. THis resulted in her walking off the course and losing more than 30 seconds in the race.

Below is a result page of the race

Women 3000 Meter Run
Name Year School Seed Finals
1 Tullio, Christine University O 10:59.00 10:49.43
2 Plater, Emma Unattached 11:15.00 11:13.04
3 Pizzimenti, Alessia 310 Running 12:00.00 11:31.14
4 Jaworski, Jillian Speed River 11:45.00 11:43.73
5 Chayer, Rachel Runner's Life 12:30.00 11:45.74
6 Keast, Brieana Runner's Life 12:00.00 11:53.18
7 Dimoglou, Aly Runner's Life 11:30.00 12:00.18
8 Robitaille, Destiny Runner's Life 12:00.00 12:54.34
9 Gordon, Maddison Runner's Life 12:30.00 13:07.08

Pictures will follow.


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