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Posted on: 2017/12/20 8:09
Just popping in
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From: Peterborough
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Treadmill needed for athletes
Hey Everyone
The school I work at doesn't have access to a treadmill. I'm coaching some very good athletes. Some of which may qualify for the Canadian Championships this summer and for Team Ontario in January. We are in desperate need for a treadmill. When it gets slippery and cold I need to prevent injuries by having them train indoors. The speed workouts we are doing is too fast to be doing on slippery roads.

If anyone has access to a treadmill and would be willing to donate it for the winter months please email me at darl_sutherland@hotmail.com. This could really make a difference in our athletes.

We can't train quality athletes if we train seasonally. I have volunteered to do a year around program but it does need support.


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