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Poster Thread
Posted on: 2017/11/5 12:52
Joined: 2004/6/16
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Hamilton Results
Hamilton Results

Amy Nolan: 3:36:58 (PB & Boston Qualifier!)
Tom Cookson: 3:38:35
Dom Gregory: 3:39:24 (PB!)
Eileen Kimmett: 4:36:54 (3rd race in 2 days!)

Emily Downie NYC Marathon 4:04

Half Marathon

Chris Webb: 1:26:07 (PB & Won the age group!)
Alex McLeod: 1:29:25
Debbie Parberry: 1:32:24 (PB & Won the age group!)
Susanne Darling: 1:32:36 (PB!)
Jess Fudge: 1:33:59 (PB!)
Dave Dame: 1:44:22
Nicole Jaynes: 1:47:39
Sylvia Cashmore: 1:48:44 (Won the age group!)
Jason Huffman 1:48:12 (PB!)
Mabel Bellis: 1:48:56
April Smith: 1:50:02
Aziel McKenna:1:51:38 (PB by 5min!)
Sarah Kift: 1:51:49 (PB!)
Kathy Balme:1:57:46
Louise Maltman: 1:58:34
Lesley Robinson: 2:00:08
Christine Quinn:2:06:46
Fiona Lasenby: 2:09:49 (PB!)
Kathy Warner: 2:10:20

Some Amazing Results! So well done!
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