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Posted on: 2016/9/23 10:51
Joined: 2004/6/16
From: Runner's Life!
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2017 Half Marathon Training Group
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Want to train for the Peterborough Half Marathon? Maybe start early training for Around the Bay 30k, or other Spring Half Marathons?

This Is The Group For You!

If you have a RACE DAY GOAL of 2:10,2:00,1:50, 1:40, 1:30 or below for the Half Marathon, we're the place to get you there! A current run background of 20KM and up per week is suggested for this session. The only other gear suggested is a watch and a headlight.

Believe it or not the time to start training for these events is close at hand, we start the Training Group

Saturday, November 19th at 9:00AM.

Have you tried other groups or clinics only to have your running stall or plateau? Tried training on your own but just can't seem to achieve the goals you want? Gone as far as you can following an online training schedule or a generic schedule from a book? Looking for a kick start to your training? We can help.

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Here are some of our recent success stories......

, 65 years young had been a solo runner for years and ran the Peterborough Half marathon in 1:54 year after year. After joining this group he improved his time down to 1:42 and now loves group running.
Robin, a busy father of 2 had been running for years and wanted to improve to get a pb. He set his goal at 1:43 and smashed it running 1:41.
Mandy decided to join her first running group to improve her times. Her goal was to run 1:35 and she ran 1:32.
Angie had been training with the Running Room for several half marathons clinics and ran each race between 2:29-2:50. She joined this group and ran the Peterborough Half Marathon in 2:19! She continued to build on that and smashed the 2011 Mississauga Marathon in 4:39!
Bob took up running for the first time with the lofty goal of breaking 20min. for 5k by his 40th birthday, he ran 20:01! Incredible.
Chris, started training with us and recently ran 18:23 at the ScotiaBank 5k in Toronto, good enough for 2nd in his competitive 50-55 age group.
John took this course and improved his Peterborough Half Marathon time from 1:48 to 1:45...at 69 years young.
Sylvia took this course and brought her Peterborough Half Marathon time down from 2:05 to 1:58, good enough for 2nd in the competitive W50-55 category! She then went on to run 1:51!
George had always been active but had never considered himself a runner, he joined the group and ran successfully all winter and ran a 1:32 first ever half marathon.

About the Coach:

Dave Dame
-Level 2 Distance Coach
-Level 1 Track & Field Coach
-Level 1 Triathlon Coach
-16 years of coaching experience.
-23 years of running experience,
-Half Marathon PB 1:20

This is the only training group in Peterborough coached by an actual certified, experienced coach. Dave has trained for every event from the mile to the marathon and everything in between. He'll share his knowledge & experience with group members and help them avoid common training mis-steps as well as the not so common ones. We keep the workouts effective and productive while still keeping it motivating and fun.

Runner's Life Training Groups Philosophy:

We believe that with a bit of hard work and dedication you can achieve the results you desire. We can help you build a training program that is unique to you and your needs. We can guide you through runs that will push your limits while staying injury free and getting to the start line ready to do your best. Whether that means working hard to improve your speed, technique, endurance or understanding of the sport, we can assure you that if you put in the time and effort you'll reap the rewards. Running is a good metaphor for life, you get out what you put in.

Click to see original Image in a new windowRunner's Life's Goals for Every Athlete:

Stay healthy and injury free while enjoying your running. If you don't enjoy it, you won't continue it after your goal race is complete and we want you to be a life long runner while continuing to improve.

We meet for 4 group runs a week at Runner's Life:
Monday at 6pm
Tuesday at 6pm.
Thursdays at 6pm.
Saturday at 9am.
You don't have to make all of them but they are all open to you. We hope to see you at least once a week. There are great groups of runners of all abilities at these workouts and we'll make sure you're doing what's best for you.

We'll also provide you with a training schedule so you know what workouts you should be doing each day regardless of it you can make it to the workouts. You can do them at 5am or 10pm or with the group, whatever works best for you, as long as you do them.

Whether your goal is to improve your time, break 2hrs or learn some new run techniques, we can help you!

Course Fee: $99 for 12 months of coaching!

Sign up at Runner's Life or pop by for more details.
174 Charlotte St. 876-8960

Some outstanding performances at the 2015 Peterborough Half Marathon & 5k, especially considering this was one of the toughest winters for training I can remember.

There are over 500 pics posted from the event, to view them click HERE

Below are just some of the highlights. As we reflect on the previous year's training. Keep in mind the journey doesn't stop.

This is also a great opportunity for new folks to join in the fun, all are welcome and the group will help you achieve your goals.

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Congrats to Mireille for completing her first ever half marathon. Read her inspiring story here http://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.co ... te-in-first-half-marathon

Congrats to Jesse Gibbs for winning the Half Marathon last year! Go Jesse go! Read the story here:

http://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.co ... ng-scene-at-half-marathon

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Sylvia's Facebook Status: "Who gets a PB in February? Lots of us who trained with Runners Life! Sylvia just ran a 1:46:27 Half Marathon for a personal best. Feeling great!"

Wolfgang's (1:33:06) Facebook Status, "Did my first half marathon at the Peterborough Half Marathon & 5k! Never felt like such a pain while running but in the end it was totally worth it!!!

Thanks Runner's Life group for the training and the cheering station at the top of the "highest" mountain ever! Many thanks as well to the world's best coach Dave Dame!

Shareen's (1:46:59) Facebook Status: "Race is done! PB in February. Thank you runner's life. So good!"

Mark's Facebook Status: "1:57:03.3 at the Peterborough Half Marathon! Almost a minute faster than my goal time and almost 14 minutes off my PB on a much harder course than my previous best time. What an awesome cheering section from the Runner's Life crew!!!"

Robyn's Facebook Status:
"FINISHED my 1st 1/2 Marathon!! Thanks Runner's Life!!"

Kim's Facebook Status:
"Awesome race day at the Peterborough Half Marathon & 5k - knocked 23 minutes off my personal best: 1:45:48! 5th in my age group. Hilly, windy, horrible fun. Thanks Runner's Life gang for the training, camaraderie and the most insane cheering station ever! And Liz Ryan, thanks for training, starting, and finishing with me: you rock."

From Marc's Facebook Status: "Finished with a 1:41:36 and missed my 1:40 goal but I am so pumped that I shattered my previous PB of 1:55:30!"
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