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     Barefoot Running Clinic - May 1st
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Poster Thread
Posted on: 2011/4/14 15:53
Joined: 2004/6/16
From: Runner's Life!
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Barefoot Running Clinic - May 1st
Barefoot Running Clinic!

What: It's International Barefoot Running Day! Learn from one of Ontario's top Barefoot runners, Lou Rantin.

When: Sunday May 1st, International Barefoot Running Day! 12-2pm

The Silver Bean Cafe, 100 King St, located right on the waterfront.
$10. Sign up at Runner's Life. Must register by April 29th.

Stand Before You Walk:
∑ Posture with straight line from ankle bone through hip bone to shoulder
∑ Feet should point straight ahead and pelvis should be level or neutral position
∑ Lift feet straight up and straight down standing on one foot then the other
∑ Barefoot drills and stretches

Walk Before You Run:
∑ Step so that the mid part of your foot is first to contact the ground
∑ Pick up your foot imagining a string pulling up your heel to keep the calves loose
∑ Never drag or scuff your feet always touch straight down and lift straight up
∑ Look several steps ahead and pick the spots where you want to step
∑ Try different surfaces and think of how you would describe how it feels
∑ Spend as much time barefoot as you can walking on a variety of terrain and surfaces

Running Form:
∑ Posture
∑ Pelvis
∑ Mid foot landing
∑ Lifting feet straight up and down with loose calves
∑ Short strides with high cadence (about 90 rpm)
∑ Stride increases out the back
∑ It is best to start by running completely barefoot as opposed to trying to transition through using a minimalist shoe or sandal because the foot has a wonderful feedback mechanism and when youíve worked it out enough for one day, it tells you by being sore but if you want to wear minimal shoes instead of running barefoot then you need to increase your time with them slowly (slower than you think you should
∑ barefoot running drills and stretches

∑ Walk on the surface that you find difficult to run on
∑ Build up your time on it slowly
∑ Avoid hidden surfaces like grass, leaves and mud or snow at first
∑ Build up your soles and avoid running with wet feet at first

∑ Relax on the downhill and take rapid short strides to stay in control
∑ Build up slowly to steeper hills
∑ Keep your posture and keep your strides short and fast
∑ focus on using your core muscle

Minimal Footwear:
∑ Vibram Five Figures
∑ Feelmax
∑ Zem Gear
∑ Things you donít want in a shoe (toe spring, thick sole, hard stiff sole, arch support, narrow or hard toe box)
∑ What to look for in a minimal shoe (soft, breathable, barefoot feel, easy on and off, portability)

Posted on: 2011/4/15 17:18
Just Running Through
Joined: 2008/9/15
From: Peterborough
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Re: Barefoot Running Clinic - May 1st
As an added bonus, we are planning on having a book as a door prize!
Posted on: 2011/4/16 10:15
Joined: 2005/11/8
From: Over Yonder
Posts: 12
Re: Barefoot Running Clinic - May 1st
I watched this online for free bare-arsed.


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