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     Point To Point Run - April 23rd
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Posted on: 2011/4/14 14:48
Joined: 2004/6/16
From: Runner's Life!
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Point To Point Run - April 23rd
Thinking of a Spring Marathon? Toronto? Mississauga? Whitby?

Just looking for a change of scenery from the same old routes?

Have We Got A Run For You!
The 8th Annual Point to Point Run!

The Spring weather will be in full display Saturday, April 23rd, 9am for our 8th Annual Point to Point Run from Peterborough to Warsaw. We'll shuttle out a backpack for you so you have a change of clothes and we'll drive you back home, what a treat! Bring your backpack, sports drink & gels morning of the run to load into the support vehicle.

The Route- From Peterborough to Warsaw with different options depending on what you're looking for. The first 16k from Peterborough to Lakefield are flat along the Rotary Trail, paved to Trent and then nice soft crushed gravel from Trent to Lakefield. From Lakefield to Warsaw (14k) is gently rolling on soft packed roads ideal for distance running. This is a VERY scenic route.

For the 30k Route Click Here

For the 37k Route Click Here

Aid Stations- There will be 3 Water stations along the way where you can fill your bottles and drink as much as you like, stay hydrated! If you need fluids between stations you should carry a water belt or Fuel Belt, gels/food should be carried with you.

Once In Warsaw- You can refuel with a full Breakfast at the Warsaw Lunch Stop that is under new management and excited to have us. This is actually where you will be running to and where your backpack will be shuttled to.

Getting Home- We will drive you back to Runner's Life, we have multiple vehicles but may have to run shuttles depending on how many folks sign up. There is plenty of FREE parking around Runner's Life, at the Louis St. Parking Lot, just west of the store.

Sign Up- You must sign up and pay by Thursday April 21st so we can arrange enough shuttles. Cost is $5. Sign up at Runner's Life.

Is This A Race?- That depends, if I'm the first one there then it was a race, if not then it's a training run. Just kidding, this is definitely a fun day of training and not a race, all are welcome, the more the merrier. Rain or shine!

Lost?- I'm not familiar with those routes, what if I get lost? Then you'll be lucky enough to get in extra mileage :) Most folks can easily get themselves to Lakefield, beyond that it's an easy route, just a couple of turns to remember, Please, look at the maps & write it down if you need to.

Shorter Run- If 30k is a bit much there will still be the usual 9am Run, you can head out with the group and just turn back when you need to.

Hope To See You There!

Posted on: 2011/4/27 10:42
Joined: 2004/6/16
From: Runner's Life!
Posts: 2459
Re: Point To Point Run - April 23rd
Another Great Run! Well Done All!

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